the easy way to
patch a pitch mark!


Make your golf experience more comfortable‭ ‬with a‭ ‬patented tool for


This divot tool is installed at the end of the putter’s grip for quick access and convenience.

Quickly fix divots on greens without bending over using the EasyPitch® divot tool!

Never lose or forget your divot tool again, it will be at the end of your putter grip forever!

The tool’s 30-gram weight won’t interfere with your putting performance!

The EasyPitch® divot tool self-cleans during closure to keep the game in motion!

With Easy Pitch®, divot marks are a quick mend and the golfer doesn’t even need to bend.


Patching greens with nagging pains can make the process uncomfortable or downright impossible!

“Golf has been my passion – as I spent countless hours on courses enjoying the beautiful sport. Four years into playing, my back started aching, especially during the process of fixing divots. Trying to find solutions to work around my back Issues, I started looking for a divot tool that might help me patch divots without having to bend over.”

Roland Fuchshumer /
Inventor of EasyPitch®


Easy-Pitch, the patented tool for easy repairing.

  • No more bending
  • No more unnecessary back strain
  • Easy to use
  • Improves golf course conditions
  • Light weight
  • Tournament approved
  • Durable


No more bending


Easy to use


Better putting performance


Only 30-gram weight


Repairing ball marks are crucial to the health of the green.

The golf ball’s impact on the green compresses the upper layers of grass, tugging carefully-managed ground away from its roots. These compressed areas, known as “divots,” “pitch marks,” or “ball marks,” need a timely and correct patch. This is done by gently inserting a divot tool into the ground around the ball mark at a slight angle and gently pushing the tool backward without lifting. The process restores the green to its original position, effectively repairing the area and leaving no lasting damage.

The correct‭ ‬way to patch a pitchmark


The time the golfball hits the green, the upper layers of ground will be compressed towards the ends of the pitchmark. To patch the pitchmark correctly the divot tool will be inserted at a slight angle to twist and remedy the damage.


After this you will push the divot tool backwards without lifting the tool. It helps to make easy sideturns in this process. In this way the damaged green will be put back into the original position.


The same way you do around the complete pitchmark to make sure the damaged green will cover the complete pitchmark area starting from outside to the center of the pitchmark.


To finish the repairprocess you will flatten the remaining damage with your putterhead. Doing this process correctly you will have almost no damage left afterwards.


In no case the lower layer of ground should be moved to the top because you will tear the roots out of ground and will take much longer to recover. So patch your pitchmarks correctly and ask your flightpartners to do the same.


“The problem of unfixed‭ ‬divots made me realize that more people might deal‭ ‬with issues similar to mine‭, ‬resulting in so many‭ ‬unrepaired divots‭. ‬The very next day‭, ‬I grabbed my divot tool and approached a professional manufacturer to ask him how my idea‭ ‬could be mass produced‭.‬”


“All the best to all my golf colleagues, and may you enjoy the game of golf without the hassle of having to bend over repairing divots!”

Roland Fuchshumer /
Inventor of EasyPitch®

Easy to remember,
easy to use!


Easy Mounting


Cut a hole at the end of the grip.


Insert Easy-Pitch Adapter


Screw Easy-Pitch on


Ready! Twist to open / close

Easy Pitch‭ ‬‮–‬
the unique divot tool

It’s easy to remember, easy to use, easy on your back, and it leaves the course in better condition.

Fast divot repairs are extremely important to the health of the golf course. Patching divots are crucial to maintaining course conditions, but it’s a process often forgotten or neglected. Easy Pitch® eliminates the problem by including the repair tool in the putter grip. With proper divot repair tools, golfers will improve their own experiences as well as that of those around them. Easy Pitch® takes the effort out of personal golf divot maintenance. Using Easy Pitch® allows golfers the benefit of a handy divot tool without any unnecessary exertion.

  • We have tested Easy Pitch® in tournaments. It has proven itself fully. Repairing ball marks has never been so easy!

    Robert T.
    Robert T. Professional Golfer
  • Really clever! Easy Pitch® is easy to handle thanks to the mounting on the putter grip and the pitch fork can no longer be forgotten.

    Carmen P.
    Carmen P. Club Golfer
  • Due to a sports injury, I always had back issues. Thanks to Easy Pitch®, I do not have to bend constantly and my spine is spared!

    Tyler S.
    Tyler S. Club Golfer

Available in 6 varied colors

Ask your lokal dealer or distributor for the Easy Pitch® repair tool. If you need any further information please contact us!

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